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Armed with the knowledge and tools provided in the Financial Fitness Pack,

you have the power to fix YOUR financial fitness for good…

For a low, low price of $99.99 today, you will get all of the following :

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1) Financial Fitness: The Offense, Defense and Playing Field of Personal Finance (hardcover)

2) Financial Fitness Workbook

3) 8 Financial Fitness Educational CDs :

1. The Offense and Defense of Personal Finances
2. Money View
3. Money as a Slave
4. The Principles of Financial Management
5. Delay Your Gratification
6. Live Within Your Means
7. Camel In The Tent
8. Good As Gold

4) A Financial Fitness Decal

5) Financial Fitness Downloadable forms

1. Debt Roll Down Form
2. Financial Action Plan Form
3. Monthly Cash Flow Plan Form
4. Net Worth Statement Form
5. Periodic Payment Plan Form
6. Sources of Income Form

Order Financial Fitness Pack now

Order The Financial Fitness Pack Now

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